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  • Helps schools with fundraisers
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Program Benefits

  • Promotion - get discovered in the app and through the social media Monthly Giveaways
  • Merchant Portal - change your coupons as you wish (for supply chain issues or anything else)
  • Reports & Metrics - track which coupons are being redeemed the most

Stand Out to Customers

  • Monthly Giveways - get the "Giveaway" icon on your listing by offering the monthly winners a free coupon
  • Point Multiplier - make your coupons worth 2x, 3x, or 4x more points to entice customers to come to your location
  • Marketing Tools - use the powerful marketing tools to send alerts to customers

Marketing Tools (Optional)

  • Geo Alerts - creates a geofence to notify customers when they are nearby
  • Coupon Promotions - reminds customers about coupons and promotions
  • Loyalty Rewards - rewards customers for being loyal
  • Ratings & Reviews - improves online ratings at important review sites
  • Social Sharing - allows customers to share with their social networks
  • Customer Surveys - gives customers a voice to give direct feedback

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