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GeoCoupons™ donates 100% of its Premium Subscriptions* to fundraisers and charities like you

Users can upgrade to a premium subscription for $25 per year

Raise money for your organization/group

Reward your donors with $1,000’s in savings, and

Add a new source of funding for your cause

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Fundraising Opportunities

You can offer a year of the GeoCoupons™ Premium Membership (a $25 value) as a(n)

  • Gift to new donors
  • Reward for loyal donors
  • Incentive for inviting others to donate

Charities with 100,000 or more members can become a Sponsored Charity of GeoCoupons™. Sponsored Charities receive:

  • A entire month of the year dedicated to them
  • Premium Memberships Activation Codes to email their entire database
  • All Premium Memberships fees collected during their month

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